Cullman, Alabama

"Trent Boyd says the customer relationships he's built at the Market at Pepper Place have become so strong and loyal that he will sometimes take produce requests. "I'll grow certain types of tomatoes for certain customers," he says with pride. If you see Trent or his wife Jennifer at the Saturday market representing Harvest Farm, you'll likely find rows of their delicious heirloom tomatoes or even strawberries (in the right season). In addition to those main crops, the Boyd's also grow onions, collards, broccoli, pumpkins, kale, apples, peaches and blueberries on their 50-acre farm in Fairview, Alabama about 60 miles north of Birmingham.

Farming is nothing new to the Boyds. Their children will be the fifth generation on their land that was first farmed in 1909. Trent and Jennifer began farming at Harvest Farm in 1998 and incorporated more natural and organic practices. They eventually took over full operations ten years later.

As the focus shifted to locally-sourced food, their business model did as well, and they now supply to high end restaurants, CSA programs and markets such as the Market at Pepper Place, where they've been vendors for more than two years now. It's a partnership that has paid off, and Trent says that he and Jennifer love that they overall management of the market is extremely efficient and organized. "The Market at Pepper Place has allowed us to expand our business and buy equipment," he says. "By being here, our farm has much more name recognition and has acquired a positive reputation..."

-an excerpt from the 2015 release of Know Thy Farmer, market book