Bluefire Stoneware pottery vertical 1.jpg


Wendy Conover, owner of Bluefire Stoneware, is a stoneware artist from Sterrett, Alabama. This Shelby County potter specialized in creating beautiful stoneware using the Japanese style. This method calls on Wendy to use local clays and made from scratch glazes. Her pieces are baked in very high heat - 2,350 degrees F with a low oxygen atmosphere in a gas fueled kiln. After 48 hours of firing and cooling, the results are breathtakingly beautiful. Wendy's method produces deep, rich colors that can vary from browns and greys to blues of every hue. The colors vary depending on where they are placed in the kiln and what kind of glaze is used. The happy result of all this amazing sculpted, wheel thrown stoneware is that it is as beautiful as it is useful!