At the Market, Pop's is known for their breakfast hotdogs and breakfast biscuits! All dogs and biscuits are made however you want them, so they are made-to-order. For those who prefer to shop later in the morning, enjoy an early lunch with classic hotdogs until the Market closes at noon.

Like her father, who loved to cook for friends and family, Heather Guarino knew she, too, wanted to cook for those she cared about. So from a young age she began saving her allowance so she could attend culinary school. Working three jobs while attending school, Heather made big strides towards achieving her goal of opening her own neighborhood restaurant and in 2010, Pop's opened it's doors!

Heather named it after her father, calling it Pop's Neighborhood Grill. She decided to continue the tradition of the perfect Birmingham hot dog and used recipes created by her father back in 1978. Her simple menu is classic breakfast and lunch fare and she continues to work hard to make her grills tyle foods the best they can be. You can find Heather, her father and her new husband behind the counter Monday through Friday cooking up a fresh, hot breakfast and lunch. Saturdays they bring their big smiles and great food to The Market!