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Squash was already growing when Europeans first began to arrive in North America in the 1500s. Native cultures were harvesting squash, corn and beans, knows as the "three sisters", which formed the foundation of their diet. It's thought that squash spread into the Southeast from Mexico. Squashes are valued for their sweetness and for their ability to be stored over the winter.

The most common grown squash in Alabama are butternut, acorn, Hubbard, spaghetti, and pumpkin. Regardless of which variety you choose, you can be sure that your favorite winter squash is filled with plenty of nutrients like beta-carotene and other healthy carotenoids.

Pick up your Alabama squash at the Winter Market this Saturday!

2017 market season

Join us for the Winter Market indoors at Pepper Place Pop-Up, every Saturday through April 1st. Hours have been adjusted for the Winter Market: 8am-12pm.

The outdoor Market will begin Saturday, April 8.
Hours are 7am - 12pm, rain or shine!

Pups are welcome to attend both the Winter Market and Outdoor Market, but please note your furry friends must stay outside during the Winter Market. No pets are allowed indoors. Please remember to pick up after your pet and help us keep Pepper Place clean!


snap benefits + double up food bucks

The Market at Pepper Place is committed to improving access to fresh, healthy foods for all members of the Birmingham community.

Accepting SNAP benefits and offering Double Up Food Bucks is a concrete and meaningful way for The Market to act upon our values and work toward a healthier city!

Stop by the Info Tent to use your benefits this Saturday at The Market! Click for details.

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