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Registration for the 2019 season at The Market at Pepper Place is currently closed.
The 2019 Market is full: every Saturday, January 19 through December 14.

To apply for the 2020 farmers market season, bookmark this page!

The 2020 market registration period will begin on Sunday, September 1 and close on Thursday, October 31.
The online application and all pertinent information will be available here during the registration period for the 2020 season.

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To register for the 2020 season, each applicant will be required to submit the following

  • Online application (available Sunday, Sept. 1 - Thursday, Oct. 31)

  • Application Fee of $25.00 (non-refundable)

  • Read and sign the 2020 Rules and Guidelines (included with the online application)

  • Submit food samples, product samples, and/or photos depending on applicant’s product

    • There will be a specific time and location determined to drop off all samples. Details with time, location and other information regarding the jury period will be available on September 1 when registration begins.

approval, scheduling, and vendor costs

Vendors who sell at The Market each Saturday have pre-registered, been pre-approved by the jury, have paid the application fee, agreed to the Rules and Guidelines and have been pre-scheduled for the year.

All approved vendors are given a schedule before the beginning of the market season. Every vendor is provided one 10x10 tent that is set up and broken down by Market Staff each Saturday. One table is provided by Market Staff each Saturday.

Vendor Fee Costs: rates include one tent and one table each Saturday and reserves your pre-assigned space and schedule at the Market. Vendor fees are expected to be paid by the vendor the week of each pre-approved market day.

  • Farmers/Ranchers: $55.00 per pre-approved Market day

  • Food Vendors: $85.00 per pre-apprved Market day

  • Artisans/Makers: $85.00 per pre-approved Market day

  • Food Trucks/Carts: $45.00 per pre-approved Market day