Gleaning In Alabama

Instructional video on how to glean the Birmingham Pepper Place Farmer's Market for food to feed the hungry. Video made for North Alabama Gleaning of Society of St. Andrews (SOSA).

"The Society of St. Andrew has delivered more than 16 million pounds of salvaged potatoes and other food to the needy in Alabama This has resulted in approximately 48 million servings of food going to Alabama’s hungry. Through the Alabama Gleaning Network, the Society of St. Andrew coordinates volunteers in many areas of the state who actually enter fields after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of good produce left behind. Volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, other civic organizations, individuals, and inner-city residents. Each year, hundreds of volunteers are coordinated to glean nearly hundreds of thousands of pounds of a variety of produce in Alabama...." click here to learn more.

The Society of St. Andrew Gleaning Project and The Market at Pepper Place partner each saturday to collect left over produce at the market.

since 2013, alabama farmers at the market have generously donated fruit and vegetables to the hungry! 

  • 58,888 pounds of produce from farmers

  • 38 farmers, on average, participate each year

  • 176,664 servings of food

  • 452 volunteers participated

Gleaning History at The Market at Pepper Place

2016 Donation Totals

  • 10,417 pounds of produce from farmers at The Market
  • 31,251 servings of food
  • 36 farmers participated
  • 210 volunteers participated

2015 Donation Totals

  • 22,776 pounds of produce from farmers
  • 68,328 servings of food
  • 40 farmers participated
  • 37 volunteers participated

2014 Donation Totals

  • 13,695 pounds of produce from farmers
  • 41,000 servings of food
  • 33 farmers participated
  • 19 volunteers particiapted

2013 Donation Totals

  • 12,000 pounds of produce from farmers
  • 36,000 servings of food
  • 41 farmers participated
  • 186 volunteers participated